Top 5 Indian Wedding Guest Dresses To Wear

Top 5 Indian Wedding Guest Dresses To Wear

The wedding season is just around the corner coming in with the chilling windfalls. Indian weddings are a vibrant and joyous event, filled with celebrations, traditions, and an array of stunning outfits. While weddings in general are great events and are absolutely joyous and include many mesmerizing moments, there is something that makes Indian weddings a delight. 

Indian weddings are shimmered with joy and glimmered by colors of nature making it unique and special. It is one of the joyous celebrations in Indian culture and is celebrated with excitement and sheer love to the traditions of marriage. Participating in such events as a guest is one of the most honorable moments and to delve into the celebrations makes it more enjoyable. As you look for Indian wedding guest dresses for the upcoming wedding season, we will help you choose the best outfits you can choose for yourself.

As a wedding guest, choosing the perfect attire is absolutely essential. In this blog, we present a curated list of the best Indian wedding guest dresses that will help you dazzle and stand out while respecting the sanctity of the occasion.

The Top 5 Dresses To Wear This Wedding Season

Below are the top 5 dresses to wear this wedding season:

  1. Traditional Wear
  2. Floor-Length Anarkali
  3. Lehenga Cholis
  4. Gharara
  5. Sarees

Traditional Wear

The first of all and the top priority of your wedding dress will and should always be traditional, as this is the dress code that is followed in Indian weddings. You can wear any of the available traditional dresses; from Anarkali dresses and Sharara for women to Sherwani and Kurta Shalwaar for men. With traditional, you can explore the timeless elegance of Indian outfits that capture the essence of the wedding festivities. You can opt for colors such as red, and silver, or for a more sophisticated look, you can pair deep red with royal blue.

Floor-Length Anarkali

We all love an Anarkali suit, just like everyone else who loves and appreciates Indian designs and outfits. However, a floor length Anarkali has its own charm and elegance. This is the outfit that suits almost everyone with all body types and is recommended by everyone because of the absolutely amazing appeal it exhibits. For a relative’s wedding, you can try a heavier design and intricate embroidery to make your look more sophisticated and enchanted.

For colors you can go with something sophisticated like grayish blue toned one or a the one with red and deep green for a more royal look. With this, choose some dainty jewelry to make the look more captivating and alluring.

Lehenga Cholis

Discover the allure of lehenga cholis this wedding season, a classic ensemble consisting of a flared skirt, fitted blouse, and a dupatta. It is one of the most spellbinding traditional outfits that really puts your look up in the skies. It is a diverse dress that comes in various designs and color palettes that suit different personalities and preferences. Therefore it is one of the best dresses that you can choose for the upcoming wedding season.

The ensemble’s versatility has led to the fusion of contemporary and traditional elements, resulting in various styles that cater to different tastes. Lehenga Cholis are celebrated not only in India but also across the globe, gaining popularity for their timeless charm and ability to capture the essence of Indian heritage.


Gharara is an absolutely amazing piece of dress and a craft of royalty and magnificence. If you want to look dazzling at the wedding as a guest then it is surely your best bet. It is a timeless ensemble that beautifully encapsulates the essence of traditional Indian attire and the culture. With its unique silhouette and intricate craftsmanship, the gharara has graced special occasions for generations.

Adorned with rich embellishments and delicate embroidery, the gharara exudes a sense of elegance and grace that remains unparalleled and a choice for many for the wedding celebrations. Its revival in contemporary fashion showcases its enduring appeal, making it a cherished choice for weddings and celebrations.


Delve into the world of sarees, a symbol of Indian femininity and grace. It is the trademark of Indian culture and traditions; its tapestry stretches to well over 50 years. It has always been in the trends and stays atop, if you have to bet on one outfit for formal events then this is the one you should pick. They are the epitome of grace and tradition and have woven their way into the hearts of millions for centuries.

These seemingly plain cloth draped around exude an aura of sophistication, each fold telling a story of heritage and artistry. From the intricate patterns of the fabric to the way it elegantly drapes around the body, a saree transforms a woman into a vision of timeless beauty. Making your mark at the wedding with a Saree is the best thing you can do this wedding season.


As the wedding season approaches, selecting the right attire to wear as a guest becomes a delightful journey of styling and cultural appreciation. You can try any of the following Indian wedding guest dresses for a delighted moment at the event and celebrate to the fullest indulging in the event blending with the hues and joys of the ceremonies.

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