In Chicago, Pakistani clothes are considered a valuable tradition one should wear. Choosing different style designs and giving a touch of every new trend to your ethnic attire is essential to make you look classy and traditional at the same time. We know we all love to wear ethnic clothes. Studio elite brings Pakistani designer suits in Chicago so you can look as ethereal as you want in Chicago Pakistani clothes. Here are a few tips for you to rule the world with your look and achieve that perfectly elite in Chicago Pakistani clothes. These days long shirts are inn in fashion and it’s the trendiest in fall and upcoming winter season, you can make a long shirt with ankle length or above knee length, making the

Long Shirts:

daman or the border of shirt airline or straight will give you a perfect look these days, add chikan bail to your long shirt in details As the fall is in full swing so do the long shirts, add color and different designs to your long length shirt and dig your event look. Short shirts were in full swing last year but this year is changing the vibe with your long shirts to bring that traditional look to your closet

The Right Bottom:

Pairing your shirt or ethnic wear with the perfect bottom of your choice you can go for straight trousers with simple detailing or create a plazo look, even adding a ghair shalwar or tulip shalwar will serve you the traditional look. Even if you want to give that extra look to your simple ethnic shirt you can add sharar or gharar as bottoms. If your shirt is simple you can add a heavy bottom if the shirt is heavy but you still want to achieve that look you can add the simple-looking bottom of your choice, even the sharar or garage with a little detail only can change your look.


Adding the right trendy jewelry to complement your ethnic wear is the key, adding a nice choker, earrings, or both, you can even add rings to your fingers but you should know when to stop to know when you are dragging people’s attention from your dress to your jewelry. Add the right elegant piece of jewelry and you are good to go. As you can see in this portrait that simple choker and ring or adding a clip to your hair is enough to complement your dress a deliver over all look.


Choosing the right fabric is the other way to make your attire suits your body, Pakistani designer suits in Chicago are made just for you so that you can choose wisely according to the fabric, wearing a chiffon or silk will make you look slim and subtle while wearing a dress in organza will make you look chic, organza stands out body and as a fabric it steels the show with right detailing and designing

Ethnic Attire Colors:

These days we see pastel colors are more inn and tend to attract people in a subtle way .Pastel colors like light ice blue or peachy pink with a good work and nice detailing can make people go gaga over your look .a pastel color dress with a fresh make-up look can brighten up your ethnic wear like the sun in the sky giving a glamorous vibe with warmth in it .pastel colors serve you classy chic look that you can also look expensive in real time.

Different Ethnic Attires:

Create different looks with your ethnic wear. Adding different attires with different styling to your look can change the vibe of your ethnic wear, even if it is a formal day or an ethnic day. If you are adding bottoms, go for shalwar, plazos, straight trousers Patiala shalwars, or if you are going to enhance the look of your simple kurti, go with v necklines and add details to it, sometimes changing a bottom or top can change the game but the real game changer is changing the whole attire such a sarees. Add a saree to your wardrobe with bright and pastel colours to set ethnic goals for others.

Perfect footwear

We have talked about how to dig that ethnic look into amazing people. Wearing clothes with different cuts is the key to leveling up your fashion game; wearing the right jeweler; choosing perfect colors and airy fabrics are essential to make yourself comfortable while your fashion game is in full swing. We have now also understood that comfortable attires are as crucial as being in fashion. How can we forget about pairing our attires with proper footwear? To light up your tradition-ish look with a significant ethnic look adding height to your footwear would be a good option. You can either add heels or flats. Still, we know that some bottoms like straight paints and plazos look better with heels while others could go with flats.

Pakistani designer suits in Chicago are highly in demand and why not? Wearing a traditional dress in Chicago especially Pakistani clothes everyone loves them. People in Chicago follow high trends of all ethnic to formal wear and set goals they pay attention to each and every occasion, whether it’s a party, a wedding or a formal event they firmly follow the newest trends in fashion. Keep these tips in your mind while you are designing your ethnic dresses to add extra value and glamour your dress, styling is not only about fashion keep in mind that being comfortable in your attire and the way you carry a dress even its styles is oldest or the newest your confidence while you wear any attire is the key to absolutely gorgeous. Style your dress so unique that it can stand out different when you are wearing it in any event.

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