How To Pick The Right Wedding Saree For Your Skin

How To Pick The Right Wedding Saree For Your Skin

There is more to a wedding saree than just the clothes worn. It is a sign of custom, culture, and beauty. It is the most important thing a girl wears on her wedding day, and picking the right saree for your skin tone can make all the difference. 

Finding the right wedding saree is challenging because there are many types, fabrics, and colors to choose from. But don't worry, we'll take care of you. In this blog, we'll show you how to pick a wedding saree that looks good on your skin tone. 

1. Find out the Skin Tone

Find out what color your skin is before you go shopping for a wedding saree. Skin tones can be broken down into three groups: warm, calm, and neutral. A regular skin tone has a mix of both warm and cool undertones. Warm undertones are yellow or golden, and cool undertones are pink or blue. 

Check out the lines on your wrist to determine your skin color. If they look green, your skin tone is warm. If they look blue, your skin tone is calm. If they look blue-green, your skin tone is medium. 

2. Warm Skin Tone 

Red, orange, gold and yellow are warm colors that look good on warm skin. These colors will look great with your skin tone and make you look beautiful. Blue and purple are cool colors that can make your face look dull. Choose silk, chiffon, or georgette sarees because they will look great with your warm skin tone. 

3. Cool Skin Tone 

Saris in cool colors like blue, purple, green, and silver will look beautiful on people with cool skin tones. These colors will make your skin look beautiful and classy. Warm colors, like red and yellow, can dull your face. Cotton, satin, and organza are great fabrics for sarees because they go well with cool skin tones. 

4. Neutral Skin Tone 

Think of yourself as lucky if your skin tone is medium because you can wear warm and cool colors. Feel free to try on different shades and pick the one that makes you feel the best. But it would help if you stayed away from very dark or bright colors because they can make your skin tone look dull. Satins like crepe, silk, and net will look great on your medium skin tone, so choose those. 

5. Think About Your Undertones 

It would help if you also thought about your undertones and skin tone. Undertones are the soft colors that sit below the color of your face. They might be cool, warm, or neutral. You should choose sarees in warm colors like peach, pink, and brown if your skin tone is warm. If your skin tone is calm, pick sarees in cool colors like baby pink, green, and purple. You can mix warm and cool colors if your skin tone is medium. 

The top is an essential part of a saree and can change how you look. If your skin is warm, pick a shirt in a warm color that goes with your saree. If you have cool skin, choose a sweater in an excellent color different from your saree. You can try warm and cool colors on people with medium skin tones. 

6. Keep the Season in Mind 

The time of year you are getting married can also help you pick the right saree. For summer events, choose cool-colored silk and light and airy georgette. For weddings in the winter, choose warm-colored, heavy fabrics like silk and satin. For weddings in the summer, pick fabrics that dry quickly, like crepe, and stay away from light colors that are easy to damage. 

After all, picking the right wedding saree for your skin tone can make you look stunning on your big day. When choosing, consider your skin tone, colors, and the time of year. Most importantly, pick a saree that makes you feel beautiful and sure of yourself. It's your day, so you should feel like a queen! 

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