As a bride, you always have to style your lehenga choli perfectly. You have always been dreaming. So, we know how much it means to you. We have seen many brides, but everyone wants to stand out when attending their important events. So we are here to provide you with complete guidance advice and the greatest bridal lehenga choli in Chicago.

Your Personality and style matter

One thing to remember is never to forget what you like the most or which colour and designs suit your fashion style. So, to keep others wanting you more, don't forget what you want and what you feel comfortable in. trying to impress thousands of other people is worth no more than you and your comfort zone. People might fall in love with your dress and look, but it is not worth doing it when you are not happy wearing it. So always remember that you are worth more than anyone in the hall room on your big day.

Let Your Dress Stand Out.

The stylist says that we all have to understand that less is more. Keeping things minimalistic can make you stand out big time. They say you all need the perfect dupatta and jewellery on your lehenga choli, and you are ready to dig your event. Wearing the right amount of accessories that suits you rather than following what other brides do is the key. Pairing your heavy bridal dress with less and unique jewellery will make your dress the center of attention in the people's eye.

Add New Cuts and Details to Your Lehenga Choli

Every bride wants to look stunning on their day. Yes, it is the time to fulfill all your wishes, but the smartest is the one who wears what suits her body and face. Wear the long shirt and frock with a lehenga; this will give you the royal look of all time and make you look brilliant. You can wear short shirts and peplums if you are skinny and want to be a little heavy. It will give you the right added way to your look-perfect look.

Keep the Neckline of Your Blouse measured.

It is the key to keeping everything straightforward in the eyes of others. An enhanced and measured blouse can make you achieve this goal. Supporting a wide should and broad neck will give you more space to show your jewellery. This will ensure that your necklace and embroidered neck don't clash and everything looks minimalistic. Another tip is to use your mang tikka with eyelash glue so that you won't be messy. Pin up your dupatta well so that you won't worry about fixing it again and again and enjoy your event to the fullest

Coat/cape style:

The long maxi paired with an embellished coat or cape is a unique way. They would go perfectly with high heels and perfect jewellery to make you stand out. To give it a more traditional look, wear a matha Patti. Make the perfect hairstyle which could be a bun to give height and length. Also, hairstyles can work best when they are made according to your face shape. Pin up the dupatta on that perfect hairstyle to complete your look.

Crop Top lehenga

You can add the crop top or crop blouse to your heavy lehenga to create a balance between modern and traditional bride wear. Working on the neck won't be enough. If you want to look chic and classy, adding new designs and styles to your lehenga would be best for your dreamy look. With the ever-changing trends in the fashion industry, you have always opened your eyes and seen what works best for you. There are so many styles of crop tops for every body type so choose wisely.

Double shawls

Adding a layer to your lehenga choli in Chicago is the best. Because we know it does get cold a lot of the time in Chicago. Try to have your comfort zone with the added layers of dual color or combination shawls that will give you the perfect royal look. It's your big day, and you must kill the event with your sizzling look. To achieve the look, we are guiding you, and the pashmina shawl would be the best. Play with complementing colors and add layers you can manage, and here you go with the best look of all time.

The Right Fabric

Choosing the suitable fabrics and must learn them. To fully enjoy your lehenga choli, you need to know what material would work best for you. While selecting a fabric, remember that it's manageable and lightweight, and always remember the weather. You can go for a chiffon lehenga in summer. So, wearing velvet fabric would be best for you to wear in winter.

There were so many lehenga tips for you guys to consider. We have tried our best to give you guidance through all your events. We provide the best bridal lehenga choli in Chicago to give you an amalgamation of the modern and traditional bridal look. Get your perfect chic look at all your wedding events; studio elite is always there for you. We will make you pick the bridal lehenga choli. From its fabric to accessorizing it right. So that you and your guest feel that everything is just right in its place. To make sure nothing goes messy and wrong, here is a complete guide for you.

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