5 Tips for Dulhan-Ki-Behen to Make Help the Bride!

5 Tips for Dulhan-Ki-Behen to Make Help the Bride!

A wedding is one of the most spec ial, important, and big days of a couple’s life. This day is as much important as it is for the couple or the bride (in specific), it is also important for their families and close ones specially Dulhan ki Behen (Bride’s sister). She trusts that the day will be the bridesmaid and to be called Dulhan ki Behen or dulhe ki saali. Along with all of this, there is a lot that the bride’s sister has to do for her. Underneath we have written the main obligations of a lady of the hour's sister. Take a look:

Help Your Sister in shopping

One of the important and main tasks of the wedding is the bride’s shopping. So, it’s the biggest responsibility to take the bride to the shopping and get help her with it. By helping in selecting her wedding outfits, cosmetics, etc. whatever she needs. During bride shopping, you can also do your bridesmaid shopping so, it takes the same time and saves the time for another task. Like Every girl has her dreams and wishes about what song to be played when she enters the wedding venue or what to be played at the point when she comes on the DJ, so You will be the person who oversees style, DJ and all that it is the lady's sister who needs to organize everything at the perfect opportunity. If you are an online shopping lover then check out the Studio Elite Chicago amazing wedding outfits that will surprise you.

Help her in packing bags

All things considered, helping your sister of the hour and your sister for life starts numerous days before the wedding. The greatest task among numerous others is gathering packs. Being a Dulhan ki Behn, you should assist her with gathering and packing bags for her garments after the wedding and. It's your duty to check the outfits, regular stuff, wear matching jewelry, shoes, etc.

 Help her dress up on her wedding day

So, it’s the day of the bridesmaid's sister on which bridesmaids want to look more impressive and beautiful at the same time to feel special on her much-awaited day. You have to help her to dress up for her wedding. Wearing heavy attire like that of embroidered lehenga is not easy to carry. Numerous brides go short of breath while getting into their wedding linen. This is another moment when a bride needs her sister who helps her in dressing and wearing those pretty pair of heels.

 Keep a check on her look the entire function

During the wedding, there are lots of people around the bride. But there are some brides who don’t like a lot of people coming to her room before she entered the venue. She needs everybody to see her when she enters the wedding day. It's your time to help her and make sure no one will disturb her. Also, make sure if she needs something you will be there for her.It is the duty of the bride’s sister to keep a constant check on her look. If her lipstick seems fine or her dupatta is intact or even for that matter, her jewelry and everything.

 You must be by her side as she enters the wedding venue

This is vital and you know it. All things considered, numerous ladies need their sisters and best pals to be with them when they enter the wedding scene. In this way, you should know what sort of passage your lady of the hour is searching for and assist her with doing as such. Indeed, a bride’s sister has much more huge parts to play like for example in case she is having something to eat or drink. Additionally, she should not get anxious by any means. If your sister has effectively gotten hitched, share your involvement in us in the remarks segment underneath!

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